Hand Trucks and Dollies

Hand Trucks and Dollies allow for easy moving of bulk and heavy objects, while offering many different design options for industry specific applications. Available with many unique design options to ensure maximum product productivity. Convertible Hand Trucks offer a versatile design feature with its standard 2-wheel upright, and 4-wheel platform positions. This dual purpose construction provides a flexible solution for moving large and irregular cargo loads. Brake Hand Trucks provide increased control with a mounted brake lever for applying pressure to the wheel and axle systems. Hydraulic and paddle brake applications can be applied to most modular designed hand trucks. Appliance Dollies are designed for heavy-duty moving of bulk items like refrigerators and other home appliances. Very popular among moving companies due to the over-sized frame and ratchet strap features that allow securing large items. Platform Carts have a large flat platform, fixed handle, and 4 caster wheels, which provide a very sturdy design. Industry standard equipment for warehouse environments because of the great overall stability provided by the basic construction. Electric Powered Dollies are a great solution for transporting “back breaking” loads with the battery powered wheel and stair climber options. Easily move heavy loads up and down stairs, while greatly reducing the risk of injury with transporting awkward items. Building Your Own Hand Truck can be a great way to ensure you are getting the most out of your equipment. A modular design offers many different frame, handle, nose plate, wheel, and accessory options.

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