Build Your Own Hand Truck

Build Your Own Hand Truck by selecting each of the components that suite your needs.

Choose Your Frame – Select from 5 different durable and lightweight aluminum frames. Featuring bolted cross braces with internal rib structure design that is 10 times more rigid than conventional riveted hand truck braces. Bolted cross members also offer increased repair-ability.

Choose Your Handle – Over 20 different choices available. Offering Horizontal Loop, Vertical Loop, Double Loop, & Single Grip handle options. Handles provide an overall hand truck height of 52″ and up to 68″, depending on selection.

Choose Your Nose Plate – Offering 15 different options to ensure the right size and material. Choose from Die Cast Aluminum, Die Cast Magnesium, Extruded Aluminum, and Powder Coated Steel nose plates.

Choose Your Wheels – Offering over 10 wheel options to suite any environment. Choose from Mold-On Rubber, Solid Rubber, Balloon Cushion, Pneumatic Tube Type, and Non-Marking Micro-cellular Foam wheels.

Choose Accessories – Many different additional equipment can be added to your hand truck to help achieve maximum productivity when you Build Your Own Hand Truck. Choose from Stair Climbers, Folding Nose Plates, Frame Extensions, and More!

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